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>> Login to the Website

To begin, go the UIIA Home page at and click on the Motor Carrier UIIA login page/IDD login link in either the Motor Carrier drop-down menu in the top navigation bar or in the panel at the bottom of the page. (Figure 1)

Figure 1 (click image to enlarge)

This will bring you to the Motor Carrier Login screen (Figure 2, below). Select the Not a Member Yet? Click here for Registration link.

Figure 2

This will bring you to the MC Registration — How to Join screen, where you simply click the Continue button (Figure 3) to advance to the next screen.

Figure 3 (click image to enlarge)

UIIA Motor Carriers Online Help Guide

New Motor Carrier Registration
Getting Started
Manage Your Account Information
Update Equipment Providers List
Manage Insurance Agents Information
Payment Details
Company Profile Information
Access Driver Database
View Your Status
EP/MC Specific Details
Download Data
Integration of Scanned Documents
Online Addenda/Credit Application