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Apply for UIIA Participation

The steps for Motor Carriers to apply for UIIA participation are outlined below.  To print or download these steps Click Here


 You will be Required to provide the following:

  • Basic company information: Company Name, Address, E-mail, Phone & Fax.

  • SCAC code – you are required to have a SCAC code setup by National Motor Freight Traffic Association.  You can apply for a SCAC code on-line at:, if your company does not already have a code assigned.

  • USDOT/MC number – you must show active as a carrier on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin. (FMCSA) websiteunder the same company name that you are applying for UIIA participation.  To check your status, you can go to:, put in your USDOT or MC number to pull up your account.  

  • TAX ID number or Employee Identification Number (EIN)

  • Insurance – you will need to meet ALL insurance requirements of UIIA/UIIA Equipment Providers your company wants to do business with.  Click here for the insurance requirements for each Equipment Provider.  If your company has Progressive or Knight's Specialty Insurance as your insurance company, please be sure they cover the insurance requirements for UIIA/UIIA Equipment Providers.  The auto policy MUST cover “scheduled & hire” or “any autos” and must include the UIIE-1 or CA2317 endorsement.
  • UIIA annual fee - either by credit card, ACH or check.  Click here to view the payment form.

    Note:1: your company will not be charged until you become active in the UIIA system. Note 2:please note, that some ports or terminals may have separate registration requirements from the UIIA in order to access their facility.  Trucking companies will need to contact the port or terminal directly for this information as these requirements for accessing the facility would be outside the scope of the UIIA


Click here to apply Online     

Click here to download the UIIA application

Your company will have 30days from the day you register online to activate your UIIA account, or your Pending account will be deleted from our system & you will need to re-register again.

STEP 3 -- How to check your PENDING Application


If you have a SCAC code already listed in our system, you can log in using: SCAC code & Password
If you do not have a SCAC code set up in our system yet, you can log in using your: Account Number & Password

Once logged in, click on “Reason for Pending Application Status”.

Reasons (pop-up box) will let you know what you are missing in order to activate your UIIA account.  This information is in real-time & will automatically update when the information is received.   

The example above shows that we have not received the signed Form 2 – Preamble page of the agreement. Once the Form 2 is received by our office, we will check to verify your SCAC code, your TAX ID# and the status of your companies USDOT/MC number.  The example above also shows that payment was not applied online yet & that your insurance agent has not applied your insurance information yet. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact our office via email at