Global Intermodal Equipment Registry




Global Intermodal Equip. Registry

A database of North American chassis that enables electronic equipment marking to identify the Intermodal Equipment Provider that is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)  regulations (Section 390.21, Part 390).  There are currently over 740,000 chassis registered in the GIER database, representing over 100 Intermodal Equipment Providers.

Benefits of the Global Intermodal Equip. Registry
  • Saves cost by using technology to avoid the physical capturing and remarking of intermodal equipment to meet the regulatory requirements.
  • Identifies the responsible intermodal equipment provider under the federal regulations by utilizing the current alphanumeric equipment identification number and linking this to the responsible intermodal equipment provider’s US DOT Number.
  • Enables intermodal equipment providers a quick and efficient online process to transfer operating control of chassis.
  • Allows identification of ownership and operating control of intermodal chassis to be confirmed via public online inquiry.
  • Provides automated 30-day inspection expiration date reminders to those intermodal equipment providers that maintain their FMCSA and CA BIT inspection data in GIER.  
  • Provides the critical IEP information needed to enable electronic processing of Driver Vehicle Inspection Report(s) (DVIR) in order to meet the FMCSA regulations.

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