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About Information Services

IANA provides the industry with value-added information services that facilitate business processes and efficiencies promoting intermodal growth and productivity.  These programs focus on environmental initiatives, risk management, safety and security.

Bad Order Equipment Status Service

A web-based clearinghouse that provides a standardized electronic method for Intermodal Equipment Providers, Facilities Operators and Maintenance & Repair vendors to exchange notification of bad order equipment and subsequent repair information.    

Driver Vehicle Examination Report Service

A service that notifies and provides electronic delivery of the citation that results from roadside inspections to both Motor Carriers and Intermodal Equipment Providers.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting Service

A service that provides access to pertinent information via IANA’s UIIA, IDD and GIER programs necessary to complete the DVIR under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Equipment Return Location Directory

An online listing of UIIA Equipment Providers' satellite equipment return locations.

Gate Control System

A proactive service that provides an efficient way for equipment leasing companies participating in the UIIA to control unauthorized use of chassis by motor carriers that have outstanding issues and do not have a valid interchange with the chassis provider.

Global Intermodal Equipment Registry

A database of North American chassis that enables electronic equipment marking to identify the Intermodal Equipment Provider under the federal regulations that is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment. 

Intermodal Driver Database

A secured web-based system that is used to verify driver identification information required to access specific intermodal facilities.  

Street Interchange Application

A web portal that automates and streamlines street interchanges and street turns for Motor Carriers and Equipment Providers under the UIIA.

Terminal Feed Service

A service that ensures that intermodal facilities receive up-to-date Motor Carrier interchange status information on behalf of UIIA Equipment Providers.

Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement

A standard industry interchange contract between intermodal trucking companies and equipment providers (i.e. ocean carriers, railroads & leasing companies).

Intermodal Information Services Overview

Click here for a summary of IANA's Intermodal Information Services.

Intermodal Information Services Video

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Video about Information Services

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