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Important Notices for Motor Carriers

The Intermodal Interchange Executive Committee (IIEC) has voted to move forward with the following revisions as adopted at the June 13/14 IIEC meeting:

- Section D.2., Equipment Interchange Receipts, Item D.2.b.
- Section E.3., Equipment Damage, Item E.3.a.(1)
- Exhibit D., Binding Arbitration Guidelines, Item D.3.

Please click here for a copy of the memo sent to all participants on August 16, 2017 outlining that the effective date of the modifications above is September 16, 2017.

We are pleased to announce that SM Line Corporation has become a new Equipment Provider participant in the UIIA effective May 1, 2017. A notice was sent out to all UIIA Motor Carriers announcing SM Line’s participation in the UIIA and providing a copy of their individual addendum that outlined their insurance requirements. Motor Carriers wishing to do business with this Equipment Provider should ensure their agent submits a certificate of insurance online to the UIIA that meets SM Line’s requirements. Any questions regarding SM Line Corporation’s participation in the UIIA can be directed via e-mail to

IANA launched its new Street Interchange Application on June 30, 2016, to facilitate motor carrier to motor carrier street interchanges (load/load, empty/load, load/empty) as well as street turns for both Motor Carriers and Equipment Providers under the UIIA. The new web portal will provide a technology based solution that will:

  • Capture electronically the transfer of liability, damage and indemnification set forth under the UIIA from the originating motor carrier to the receiving motor carrier when a street interchange is performed.
  • Provide supporting documentation for UIIA Equipment Providers to properly allocate free time and per diem based on terms contained in their individual UIIA addendum as well as maintenance and repair charges.
  • Establish an efficient communication process between the Motor Carriers and Equipment Providers to expedite the street interchange approval process.
  • Provide automatic validation to confirm that the receiving Motor Carrier has a valid UIIA interchange with the UIIA Equipment Provider(s) involved in the street interchange transaction.
  • Interface with the Global Intermodal Equipment Registry (GIER) application to confirm the SCAC Code for the chassis equipment provider so the interchange status between the motor carrier and the chassis provider can also be validated (as long as the chassis EP is a UIIA participant).

UIIA Motor Carrier and Equipment Providers are encouraged to attend one of the upcoming webinars on the new Street Interchange Application on July 7th and July 13th to get an overview of the features and functionalities of the new service.

Click here to ACCESS STREET INTERCHANGE APPLICATION (SIA) — (UIIA Participants login using their UIIA login credentials)

The UIIA includes a Binding Arbitration Process for arbitration of claims relating to per diem/use charges and Maintenance and Repair. The purpose of the program is to provide an alternative method for resolving issues involving these types of invoices after all dispute resolution processes under the UIIA/EP Addenda have been exhausted.

Claims submitted under the Binding Arbitration Process must meet the criteria outlined under the Binding Arbitration Guidelines identified in Exhibit D in the UIIA and the claim must have occurred on or after August 1, 2008.

Note: Effective January 1, 2013, the filing fees for submission of claims under the Binding Arbitration process were increased. There is an Initiation Filing Fee of $50 upon submission of the Notice of Intent Form and an Arbitration Filing Fee of $250 once the claim is sent to the arbitration panel for review.

Click here to obtain information necessary to submit a claim under the Binding Arbitration Process under the UIIA.

Click here to download a copy of the September 10, 2013, Binding Arbitration Process Webinar Presentation.

Binding Arbitration Decisions

Click the link below to review previous decisions rendered by the Binding Arbitration Panel involving charges relating to per diem/use charges, maintenance and repair and lost/stolen, destroyed equipment.

View Binding Arbitration Case Decisions

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