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UIIA Insurance Agent FAQs

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The basic insurance requirements of the UIIA are as follows:

  1. Auto liability policy for $1 million combined single limit covering any or scheduled/hired autos.
  2. A commercial general liability policy for $1 million per occurrence.
  3. The UIIE-1, CA23-17, TE23-17B endorsement must be made part of the auto policy.
  4. The Equipment Providers that your insured does business with must be named additional insured on the auto liability.  Please note that Equipment Providers may also require to be named additional insured on general liability and trailer interchange as well.
  5. Other insurance requirements (ie. cargo, trailer interchange, workers compensation/employers liability) may be required by individual Equipment Providers.

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No, agents should only submit one certificate online that includes the insurance coverage for their insured along with applying the online Equipment Providers list that identifies the Equipment Providers that are listed as additional insured on the appropriate policies in accordance with the Equipment Providers requirements under the UIIA. The insurance agent also need to ensure that they check the 2 boxes under the description of operations on the online ACORD 22 certificate form confirming the additional insured information being provided as well as the UIIE-1 endorsement (if providing auto liability coverage).

No, the UIIA is only the certificate holder and does not need to be named additional insured. The Equipment Providers with whom your insured is going to do business under the UIIA are the parties that require to be named additional insured on the appropriate policies.

The UIIE-1, CA23-17 and TE23-17B endorsement is the Truckers Uniform Intermodal Interchange Endorsement. This is a hold harmless endorsement and is required to be part of the motor carrier’s auto liability policy. Any of the above endorsement forms are acceptable.

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Trailer interchange is a type of insurance coverage that many Equipment Providers require. Should your insured want to do business with these companies, you will need to include the trailer interchange policy when applying the insurance online on behalf of your insured. The trailer interchange policy needs to cover the physical damage to non-owned equipment (containers, chassis and/or trailers) while in your insured’s care, custody and/or control. Please note trailer interchange must cover comprehensive and collision. Policies covering only fire and theft are not acceptable. Click here for more information on Trailer Interchange.

References to specific insurance endorsements on the certificate of insurance, other than the UIIE-1, CA23-17, or TE23-17B, must be included when submitting the certificate of insurance. Copies of these documents are requested to ensure that they do not exclude or negate any of the coverage being required under the UIIA.

If information is submitted online it will be processed immediately unless the information has an adverse impact on the insured’s account. In this case, a notice will be sent to the insured and to the agent. The certificate will be held under Bad Certs in the application until 11:59 p.m. If no new information is submitted prior to this, the certificate will then be applied by our overnight job.

Yes, insurance agents may access their insured’s account on-line if they are register to be an authorized agent on the UIIA website at by clicking on New Member. The agent will also need to contact their insured to obtain their SCAC Code and IA password that is provided to the Motor Carrier for their agent.

Agents are required to register to submit insurance online to the UIIA. You can do so by going to the login page for Insurance agents found at and clicking on NEW MEMBER — FIRST TIME AGENTS — CLICK HER TO REGISTER TO SUBMIT INSURANCE ONLINE. Once you complete and submit the online registration form, you will receive an email providing you with your account number and password. Please note that you will need your insured to provide you with their SCAC Code and Insurance Agent Code (this is a password code that is provided to each Motor Carrier to allow their agents to submit insurance online on their behalf). You will need this information the initial time you login to submit insurance for your motor carrier insured in order to link their company to your online account. After this, the account will be linked to your agency when you log in.

The UIIA system is set up to expire insurance policies at 12:01 a.m. of the day of the expiration date, which often causes confusion with the Motor Carriers thinking they have coverage until 11:59 p.m. on the expiration date, when in fact, the policy expires on the first minute of that day. Therefore, Motor Carriers need to have their insurance renewal policies put into the system by their insurance agent prior to the expiration date.

In addition, insurance agents must ensure that the effective date of a policy is concurrent with the expiration date of the policy expiring so there is no lapse between the expiring and renewal/new policy; (i.e., a policy that expires 2/1/2016 should have a renewal policy with an effective date of 2/1/2016, not 2/2/2016.)

No, in-transit coverage is not acceptable for cargo. Acceptable wording for Cargo insurance coverage is "Motor Truck Cargo" or "Cargo."

No, the CA23-13 endorsement only covers fire and theft. The Trailer Interchange required by Equipment Providers under the UIIA needs to cover comprehensive and collision in addition to fire and theft.

Questions Resulting From Insurance Agents Webinars

The ACORD 25 Certificate of Insurance is not accepted. All insurance must be submitted online on the ACORD 22 Certificate of Insurance.

ACORD ensures that, prior to release of any of their forms, that the form is approved by all states that require its use. This includes the Acord 22 form. If the individual insurance carrier that the agency is working with elects not to permit use of the Acord 22 form, then this would be a commercial matter between the agent, motor carrier and the insurance carrier that would need to be addressed between these parties. The Motor Carrier has a contractual obligation under the UIIA to provide the 30-day notice of cancellation on all policies so it may require that the agent look to place coverage with an insurance carrier that allows use of the Acord 22.

The information reported by the agent on the Acord 22 relates to the policy as it has been bound with the insurance carrier. Therefore the 30-day cancellation clause is applicable to when cancellation occurs from the insurance carrier or agency side. If the Motor Carrier themselves cancels the policy without proper notice to IANA, the Motor Carrier is then in breach of its contractual obligation under the UIIA and would be responsible for any consequences resulting from the cancellation.

Before Acord released the Acord 22 form, it was approved by all states requiring approval. For a list of these specific states, please contact Acord directly.

The language under the description of operations would only be applicable to the policies that are shown on the certificate as provided by the agent.

This endorsement is a hold-harmless endorsement and is applicable only to the Auto Liability policy. There is a thirty (30) day notice of cancellation required as part of this endorsement but it would not be applicable to any other policy other than the auto. Consequently, this is not acceptable for the thirty (30) day notice of cancellation required on all insurance policies provided under the UIIA.

Thirty (30) notice of cancellation is required on all policies unless cancellation is a result of non-payment, in which case IANA would need to receive no less than a 10-day advance notice of cancellation.

We will continue to accept cancellation and reinstatement notices that come directly from the insurance company.

Click here for Instructions on cancelling or reinstating a policy online.

Yes, thirty (30) day notice of cancellation applies to all policies submitted by the agent/insurance company on behalf of the Motor Carrier insured under the UIIA.

Yes, they would apply the same way.

Canadian agents should check with management within their office to obtain this information or they can contact the insurance commission for the Canadian province they are located to find out how to obtain this information.

No, there are no charges associated with registering for online submission of insurance.


Yes. If more than one agent in your office wishes to apply online for insurance on behalf of their insured UIIA participants, they would need to register separately.

Click on "Forgot Password" on the login screen, put in your account number and click "Submit". The password will be emailed to the email address we have on file.

The insured MC can login to their UIIA account and click on "Update IA Details" and the code is listed beside "Current Insurance Agent Code".

At this time, submitting insurance online is not mandatory. The UIIA office will continue to accept fax and / or emailed certificates.

Once you have linked those companies to your account, all five insureds would list on your one account.

You will need to contact the UIIA office so we can provide you with a new Insurance Agent registration form. You will need to complete this document with the new company name and provide a letter on your agency letterhead confirming that the agency name has been changed and include the new agency license number.

An insured Motor Carrier only has the ability to print certificates reflecting the active policies in place for their account. They do not have the ability to print out pending or past certificates. Please note, however, that the insurance agent — if registered for online submission — can print this information out on behalf of the Motor Carrier at any time.

The highest deductible should always be added.

You can't. Once a certificate has been submitted you cannot edit or make any changes to that certificate. However, you can overwrite the policy that the error was on. For instance, if you apply a certificate showing auto, general and trailer interchange, but you see an error that was made only on the auto policy, you would just need to overwrite the auto policy.

The one exception to this is if the insurance is pending. We recently added the ability for agents to edit pending insurance policies. Although these certificates have been submitted, the policy is in a pending status due to the future effective date, so the agent does have the ability to edit and make changes to a policy that is pending. Click here for instructions on how to edit a pending policy.

To add just one provider additional insured, you would need to create a new certificate of insurance adding the policies that you cover for this insured. At the bottom of the screen, you would click on "Named Additional Insured". A pop-up box will be shown with a list of all the Equipment Providers with which your insured has selected to do business. From this list, you would select the EP you wish to add, click "DONE" in the pop-up box, and then save and submit the new certificate.


No. Once the certificate has been applied online, no other action is required from the agent.

It will show in Pending status and will not be applied to the account until the effective date of the policy. However, both the Motor Carrier insured and the UIIA Equipment Providers do have the ability to see the pending policies in place so they can confirm that the renewal has been provided and will be put into place upon the effective date of the policies.

Insurance agents can apply the insurance certificate online prior to the effective date of the policy. The policies will stay in a pending status until the effective date of the policy submitted.

They can login to their UIIA account online, click on "View Current Insurance", then scroll to the bottom of the screen. Pending policies will be shown below the block that shows the current policies that are in place.

The UIIA application operates in real time, so as soon as you submit the certificate, the insured will see any changes to their account.

Multiple agents can handle a Motor Carrier's account. Each agent would register for online submission and simply submit the insurance policies they handle for the motor carrier. The Motor Carrier will be able to see all information submitted by the multiple agents on their behalf. However, each individual agent will only have access to the insurance information they submitted on behalf of the insured.

You would need to submit a new certificate, but only for that one policy. If you only need to update the Auto policy, then update only the Auto policy. The other polices do not need to be updated to make a change on only one of the policies.

No, there is no follow-up notification for the missing information notices that are sent out if the issue is resolved prior to the certificate being put in place. However, if information submitted cancels the Motor Carrier's UIIA participation and the agent submits new insurance information online to correct the problem, then the Motor Carrier would receive a notice that their account was reinstated.

Please note that when the agent submits insurance online, they will know as soon as they enter the policy information whether there is a problem or not. Therefore the agent would have the opportunity to correct the matter before any type of notification is sent out to the Motor Carrier.

Yes. All certificates that are submitted online are saved for the agent to print at anytime. If the policies are active, you would click on "Active Certificates" from the navigation bar. If the policies you are looking for are expired or past submitted, you would click on the "Expired/Past Submitted Policies" link. Click here for more details on the different certificate areas.

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