Implementation of New Online Insurance Submission Process

IANA has moved to a paperless environment and all insurance information is now required to be submitted online by the insurance agents. The online submission process has enable agents to complete the ACORD 22 Certificate of Insurance form online, which has greatly streamlined the process for agents submitting insurance on behalf of UIIA Motor Carriers. New onscreen validation messages allow agents to know upfront if the information they submitted has any adverse impact to their insured's account. The "Smart Checklist", which is presented to agents at the end of the process to identify any issues with the insurance submitted has been re-designed to be more concise and easier to read. Several webinars were conducted for agents in January and August of 2016 regarding this process. Agents that have not yet registered to submit insurance online are encouraged to do by going to the Insurance Agent Login Page at http://www.uiia.org/insurance/ia_login.php and click on New Member - First Time Agents to complete the registration process. Short tutorials on the online process are also available on the UIIA home page.

Click here for an overview of the new Online ACORD Insurance Process.

Implementation of UIIA Screen Layout and New UIIA Features

Effective April 19, 2016, IANA will deploy the newly re-designed screen layout within the UIIA application. In addition, several new enhancements to the application will also be introduced, including the new online insurance submission process for agents. The new online insurance process will streamline the way your agent submits insurance to the UIIA office and is a step in moving to a fully paperless environment by October 2016. Motor Carriers should encourage their agent to register with the UIIA to become an approved agent to submit insurance online so that your agent is prepared and knows what they need to do prior to October 1st required online submission date.

Click here for an overview of the new UIIA features that will be available to users as of April 19, 2016.

 IIEC Working Groups

Update on IIEC Working Groups

The three working groups formed by the Intermodal Interchange Executive Committee (IIEC) continue to focus on their goals related to street interchange, gate control and equipment return issues. To follow is an update on the progress of each group to date:

  1. Street Interchange Working Group - IIEC approval of modifications to the UIIA to allow for street interchanges to occur under the Agreement as well as IANA's development of a street interchange mobile application and web portal to facilitate these transactions. Development of the mobile application web portal is scheduled to be completed the first quarter of 2016.

  2. Equipment Return Working Group - IIEC approval of revisions to the UIIA were approved to address some of the equipment return issues related to "satellite locations", which included the launch of IANA's Equipment Return Location Directory on the UIIA website in January 2016. This directory publishes UIIA Equipment Providers' pre-designated satellite locations for equipment return when it is necessary to return the equipment to a location other than the original point of interchange.

  3. Gate Control Working Group - The group has made progress towards a resolution to this issue by engaging key industry stakeholders in their discussions in order to identify the specific data elements and business rules necessary for establishing a gate control system that all parties can agree to and that would be handled under the UIIA program.

Additional updates on the IIEC working groups will be provided on the UIIA website as further progress is made.

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