About UIIA

Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA)
11785 Beltsville Drive, Suite 1100
Calverton, Maryland 20705-4048

Toll Free: (877)438-8442 or (301) 474-8700
UIIA Fax Numbers: (301) 982-3414 or (301) 982-5478
UIIA General E-mail: uiia@intermodal.org

Key UIIA Staff

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Assistant Vice President, Information Services

Debbie Sasko

Program Managers, Information Services

Kristian Blust
Sherry Parnell
Stacie Fagan

Senior Customer Service Coordinator, Information Services

Peggy Mullen

Customer Service Coordinators, Information Services

Harry Beatty
Maureen McCoy
Joanne Patton

Information Services Coordinator

Nate Garcia
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